A Unique Bridal Video

A Unique Bridal Video


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“Kismet Se Milna” aka “A Chance Encounter”

A while back I got a call to do Make-Up & Hair for a unique Bridal Video Concept by Film Style Weddings – Wedding Cinematography + Photography.

The video was to be a surprise at the Reception event and tells the story of the couple and how they met through a composition of classical Bollywood songs.

There were 9 specific songs that were chosen according to the story they wanted to tell and we shot over a period of 5 days. Creating looks starting from Bollywood Cinema in the 1960’s to current looks. What made this project so special is the dedication and genuine charm the couple added to each of their performances, and that projected itself through the final visuals even more.

When the video was finally projected onto four large screens at their stunning Reception event, not even the couple got to see it before that very moment and the guests were cheering and clapping. When the video finished, the room went silent in anticipation and the newly married couple entered the room- talk about a grand entrance!

A unique and lovely idea for that very special day, check it out here:



Captain America Body Art


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Captain America Body Painting Photoshoot

This week I got to do one of the most fun Photoshoots I have done in awhile, a Body Painting shoot to mark the release of the highly anticipated movie “Captain America , The First Avenger” this Friday, July 22, 2011.

I started out as a traditional artist and my passion for painting evolved into Body Art and Make-Up artistry, so when I got the opportunity to work on this shoot, I was excited to pull out my painting gear. What made the project even better was the fact that all the Body Paint supplies were sponsored by one of my absolute favorite Make-Up companies, Make Up For Ever. (To me this is the equivalent of a kid allowed loose inside a candy store!)  

Working with reference is very important, both to plan out the execution of the application and to stay visually organized during the process and save time. I made a few sketches to draw ideas from both the Marvel Comic book version and the movie versions of Captain America. I took note of the elements and colors of the costume and planned out my final look.

I started out by outlining the shapes of the suit on the model, measuring the sizes and balancing out the placement of lines. After I got the outlines in place, I filled in the shapes with a base color layer using the Cream Color in pump form by Make Up For Ever. I used a combination of colors to create the right tones. The Make Up For Ever Cream Color applies very smoothly with one brush stroke and stays wet and workable for awhile which allows very easy blending without streaking or removing previous layers of color.

When the Cream Color dries, it’s still workable but it doesn’t stay too creamy and this allows going over it with other paints and creating highlights, shadows and shapes easily, without blending colors into the previous layer of paint.

Once the first color layers were in place, I started to create the 3d effect of the suit by highlighting and contouring the muscles and the elements of the suit. I used the Flash Color Pots by Make Up For Ever and different thickness brushes, I started to create elements of light and shadow. I started with thicker Royal & Langnickel Foundation brushes to create larger effects of 3d and then I went in with medium sized concealer brushes to create smaller more detailed effects of light and shadow and finally I touched up all the small details with fine liner brushes, creating thin hints of shadow and touches of light reflection across the suit.

If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend trying Make Up For Ever‘s Body Painting materials available at Sephora stores.


Photographer: Nick Perks (www.visualvault.ca)

Body Art: Olga Kirnos

Model: Ed Isaac of Ford Models NY

Product Sponsor: Make Up For Ever


For my full gallery of Body Art, check out: https://www.olgakirnos.com/portfolio/body-art/

Make-Up Artist Magazine / Issue 90


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“Destination Make-Up”

It’s out! Make-Up Artist Magazine May-June Issue #90 is finally here!

And I’m excited to share that my interview & article have been published in their annual Make-Up Around the World segment: Destination Make-Up”.

Please check out my article written by Keith Loria on Page 44.

**Also take a quick look at my Body Art Image on the “Content Page”, left of Johnny and his Pirates of The Caribbean snap!

Body Art Image shot by Nick Perks / Visual Vault.

A copy of the article text below;


Olga Kirnos

Finding film and fashion work across India

Olga Kirnos was drawn to make-up artistry after watching a

live body-art painting performance in her native Canada.

“After researching make-up institutes and career options, it was

very clear to me that it was the perfect route to practice my love for

the creative,” she said. “I initially started out as a traditional artist

and also worked as a graphic illustrator. Becoming a professional

make-up artist was a process of evolvement from one field to another.”

Kirnos graduated from Complections International Makeup Academy

in Toronto, and took private classes in airbrush make-up and body art.

Initially she worked on various projects to round out her skills and help

her decide which direction to pursue.

“I really enjoy challenging transformation assignments when a

character has to be created or recreated using prosthetic and hair

appliances , from character design and preparation to the final

application process,” she said. “Placing and layering all the pieces

together, blending them out seamlessly and then applying colors

and texture to bring the character to life is definitely one of my

favorite make-up procedures.”

Nearly two years ago, Kirnos left Canada to work as a make-up

artist in India.

“I work mostly out of New Delhi and Mumbai and though there

are some differences between the overall working environment

of these cities, with New Delhi being more fashion-oriented and

Mumbai being more film-oriented, both are very fast-paced and

dynamic,” she said.

“There are many good work opportunities but you need to keep

a constant finger on the pulse and understand the industry before

starting out. Research and proper marketing are definitely key

factors in getting the right kind of work and exposure.”

Kirnos recently served as a personal make-up artist to the lead actor

in a Bollywood film project. She followed that with a photo shoot

for GQ, then returned to New Delhi to complete a shoot for Maxim.

“I love the versatility and the dynamic lifestyle that working as

an international make-up artist involves,” she said. “For the

past several years, I have been traveling often on international

assignments, working in different environments with casts and

crews from various backgrounds. It has been a rewarding

experience both professionally and personally.”

– Keith Loria

MiA BelleZZa Cosmetics


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Pro Artist Palette Review-

MiA BelleZZa Spring / Summer Collection

Earlier this year I was approached by MiA BelleZZa Cosmetics, a unique Mineral Cosmetics Company founded by Rita Patel, to create the new MiA BelleZZa Spring / Summer Collection Campaign Ad.

I received the MiA BelleZZa Pro Artist Palette soon after and had a chance to try a variety of their products. The Pro Artist Palette has 16 Mineral Pressed & Multidimensional Eye Shadows, 4 Blush Colors and 2 Lip Rouge shades.

The variety of colors is so well assembled that I actually didn’t know with which one I wanted to start. The Pro Artist Palette has got all the basics covered; right from the essential matte colors (that I always recommend) to warm tones ranging from gold, peach, pink, velvet and green to cooler tones of silver, blues, purples and grey. It also has a lovely variety of warm Blush and Lip Rogue colors.

The eyeshadows come in Matte form, Shimmery and Frosted. Trying out each color they all apply smoothly without exception and had a great color intensity. These shadows can also be applied both dry or wet, transforming them into liners.

Apart from the variety of colors, what makes this palette a great addition to any Makeup Kit, whether professional or personal usage is that these eyeshadows consist of a none-drying formula, they are Hypoallergenic, Crease Resistant and Mineral oil free. Containing Vitamins C & E that condition and protect the eyelids.

The Lip Rogue shades are fortified with exclusive Collagen Tripeptide Complex, an anti-aging powerhouse that stimulates collagen production to help reduce visible signs of aging. With Color Wear Complex, a patent pending technology that helps suspend pigments to create a soft cushion, comfort and long-lasting wear. Instantly re-hydrates lips for a plumper, smoother, fuller appearance.

Like the Mineral Eyeshadows, The Lip Rogue is also Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, Oil free, Dye free and contain ingredients with powerful antioxidant vitamins A, C & E.

Pro Artist Makeup Palette


And if that is not enough, here are a few more facts to consider:

– Mineral Makeup allows the skin to breathe and does not contain any preservatives that cause pores to clog.

– Mineral Makeup foundation lasts longer on skin than traditional makeup as it continues to absorb moisture all day long.

– Natural color pigments in mineral cosmetics are much more intense, resulting in less product usage for an application.

– Mineral makeup does not contain any moisture, therefore bacteria does not form.

Some of the MiA BelleZZa products that do have a shorter shelf life, have expiration dates printed on the packaging. Usually 12 months.

*Overall, I highly recommended MiA BelleZZa Mineral cosmetics and suggest to try their variety of products*

Glitter Body Art


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Unique Glitter Body Art Designs

I provide an exclusive form of Glitter body art. A unique addition to a Wedding day, a Gala, a Special Event or a Photoshoot.

This dazzling form of Glitter Body Art originated on the Catwalks of Europe’s Top Fashion shows. Intended to provide models with long-lasting Body Art designs.

I started providing Glitter Body Art in Canada several years ago, having worked with over several hundreds of clients, I now provide this exclusive Body Art across India, by special order.

Each design is custom made and then applied freehand. Using FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved materials. It is also waterproof and with careful care it can last for up to two weeks.

Available in a variety of over 30+ vibrant colors & 10 UV (Ultra Violet Light) colors.

Here are some examples of previous work:

For more Body Art work, please visit my portfolio page at:


For inquiries & orders please contact:


or fill the following form at:


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